Get likes, leads, and sales on Facebook.

The Apps

Static HTML

A simple HTML editor allowing you to create static HTML content.

How to use Static HTML →

Drag & Drop

The easiest way to create a tab. You can drag and drop a tab together in minutes.

How to use Drag & Drop →


Use a page from your website. Includes resizing functionality.

How to use Website →

Contact Form

Let users directly email you from your page.

How to use Contact Form →


Use a coupon to move some product!

How to use Coupon →


Upload an image each for your public and fan content.

How to use Image →

Image Plus

Use an image, title, and description.

How to use Image Plus →


Feature a product with a PayPal buy now button in your tab.

How to use Paypal →


Add a google map locatation to your page.

How to use Location →


Add a form to your tab, using your form embed code.

How to use Form →


Add a youtube video to your tab.

How to use Youtube →


Add a Sweepstakes app to your page.

How to use Sweepstakes →


Add a leadgate to your tab to incentivize lead generation.

How to use Leadgate →

Tips & Tricks

Simple guides to help you get going.

Mobile-friendly Tabs

How to Mobile enable your tabs →

Generate traffic by posting with a link

How to →