About Us

Who We Are

We’re Thunderpenny, a software company with a passion for helping businesses like yours boost sales and build better client relationships.

Making Our Start

Thunderpenny is a social media business founded in 2010 by Timothy Kitchen and Jason Padvorac. In early 2011, we launched our first Facebook Page application, Static HTML: iframe tabs. It started as a side project but quickly turned into a juggernaut, becoming our entire focus. Eventually the app rocketed our company into top-developer leaderboards, topping out as the largest app on Facebook in terms of monthly unique page views.

What We Offer

Our social media tools and software make it simple to use Facebook fan pages for business. We help you generate leads and provide a richer experience for your site visitors and customers. We have a variety of apps, including video, maps, drag & drop, contact us, sweepstakes, secure website hosting and more to help your business get more likes, leads, sales and customer rapport.


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