Coupon App

Promotions are one of top methods getting likes and selling to customers. This coupon app automates promotions through facebook tabs for both online and in store coupons.

The Share Button provides the ability for visitors to your tab to share the tab on facebook.

The Product Image is (surprise!) the image of your product. Your image can be any dimensions. The ouput size will be 144px wide.

Your Coupon Headline will appear in bold at the top of your coupon.

Call to Action and Instructions...Pitch the coupon so that your visitors will be excited to use it.

The Coupon Code is the code customers will use on your website to redeem their coupon.

For the Coupon Type, you can use a coupon code for redeeming online, or let customers print coupons to use at your location.

The Redeem Url is the web address your coupon will be redeemed at. This can be the url of your online store, etc.

Fine Print...Got terms and conditions or other fine print? Here's the place for it.