Drag and Drop App

The Drag and Drop app lets you create tabs simply by letting you instantly load your tab contents (such as images, text, facebook like button, videos), and format them by dragging and dropping them.


  1. To move an item

    Click and drag the item to your desired location. Vertical & horizontal lines will appear to help align and center content.

  2. Resizing

    Single click and hold on one of the squares at the edge of an item, then drag to your desired size. Facebook Like buttons can't be resized.

  3. Editing Items

    Hover over an item and right click or select "Options" to bring up the general items options menu, which includes copying, deleting, layer options ("Bring Forward", "Send Backward", etc), and item specific options ("Edit").

Items & Options

Addable items include, image, like, text, video and imbeddable code.

  1. Item Layers: Selecting the depth of an item

    To change by one layer, click "Send Backward" or "Bring Forward". To send all the way to the back or front, click "Send to Back" or "Bring to Front".

  2. Item Edit Menu

    Double click an item, or from the Options menu select "Edit" to bring up its settings. This lets you change item specific content such as the the url of a like button or YouTube video.


  1. Background

    You can make a quick image background for your tab by clicking on the image icon. This will let you upload an image to create a new image widget. Resize the image to be the full size of the tab. Then right click on it, and choose the option "send to back". Your background image will then be behind all the items in the tab.

  2. Creating links

    You can create links by inserting text, then selecting some of it and using the "insert link" button in the text menu.

  3. HTML Embed

    You can use this widget to add any custom HTML you want in your tab. This could be something like embedding a sign up form from your newsletter provider, a PayPal button, etc. All you need to do is copy and paste your HTML into the html embed box.