Sweepstakes App

Learn how to delight your fans and gain customer leads with the Thunderpenny Sweepstakes app.

Sweepstakes App Video Script

Getting Started

First, we select the app.

Click save changes to activate the tab. Then we’re going to create a new Sweepstakes.

Keep the dashboard window open, we’ll use it for the facebook share url later.


Now we’re going to customize our Sweepstakes app by clicking on each content area we want to customize.

As you’ll notice, we have default content here, you can use it to help guide your Sweepstakes creation and to provide ideas.

We also have an example sweepstakes available.

Hear is our headline, make it clear.

The caption can be used to provide a basic description and primary benefit for your prize.

The fine print is used for the specific Sweepstakes information the user should know, such as the required age, and if by entering the contest, they’re adding themselves to a mailing list.

You can use this image we’ve provided as your Sweepstakes image. Or the image could be that of the prize, your company logo, or a call to action. We’ve opted for a simple close up of our logo.

Instructions are what the user needs to do to enter your sweepstakes.

Customer information — here you can ask for email, name, number address, and or a message. An email is most important, so you could ask for this if you want the least friction in asking for info. We prefer full name and email.

The send button’s color and name can be customized to match your branding.

The general fine print area is used to release Facebook from any liability, void the sweepstakes where prohibited, and provide any extra terms. If you have one, you can provide a link to your company’s terms page, as we have here. And if it’s a long address you can use a bit.ly url, as shown.

Now save those changes. Good work.


Now that our content creation is complete, we’re going to open the Sweepstakes to the public. You’ll need a Thunderpenny Pro account to activate it.

And now lets open the Sweepstakes.

You can use your Sweepstakes app anywhere — embed it on your website, use it on your facebook page, or on a standalone web page.

End User Experience

We’re going to show the end user experience first via the standalone web page, then move on on to the Facebook tab.

So we enter our user information. Here is our confirmation page.

And here is the Facebook tab. One experience for all your views. How quaint.

Also, as seen here, duplicate email entries are not allowed.


The results page will show you all the customer information and emails, which you can download into a comma separated list, or CSV file, to use at your discretion, and or upload it to an email organizing service such as MailChimp, Aweber, jotForm, infusionsoft, etc.

And of course, you can now use the app to fairly pick a winner. Picking a winner selects a winner, and closes the contest. Also if say, a customer doesn’t claim their prize, you can also re open the contest, and or select a different winner.


Now we’re going to email our winner. As you can see, I’m using gmail — notifying the winner is straightforward, consisting of congratulating the winner and providing instruction on how to claim their prize.

As with the Sweepstakes Content, we have an email example for notifying the winner.

We use the Email subject as [Name of Sweepstakes] Winner

Thanks, and happy creating! :)