Website App

This app lets you embed a page from your website into a tab. It can be your homepage or any other page on the internet.

  1. Setup

    Find the page on your website you want used in your tab, copy its web address and paste this into the area in the app titled "Web Address”

    For the maximum number of people to see your content, you'll want to have secure hosting (https) enabled on your site. All professional grade web hosting services provide this service, and we also provide this as premium feature. Just click on "Use compatibility proxy" in the website app.

  2. Fitting your website into the tab

    We've coded up nifty automatic sizing to make your tab look nice out of the box. Buuut sometimes you'll want to customize the dimensions so they look just right. Click “remove scrollbars”, and modify the page height and zoom to customize your websites dimensions to your heart's content.