Simple Posting Best Practices

Posting on your Page is the simplest & generally best way to engage your fans.

Call to Action Post

To get your fans to take action, such as signing up to an email list:

  1. Include a call to action, with a link to your email opt in page,
  2. Include a photo, for example, a photo of the product or service the email opt in page provides.

General Post

To find content your audience is interested in, and thus have a good chance of engagement, click on the top search bar in facebook and enter:

  1. Pages liked by people who like [page name] (To see the interests of your fans)
  2. Favorite interests of people who like [page name] (To see what pages your fans like)

Pinning a Post

Pinning a post keepts it more prominently featured towards the top of your page. First post your status. Then scroll over the status in the upper right and click "Pin to Top."


Check out facebook's official short guide under Page Publishing here:

And you can find Facebook's one page posting tips guide for posting here.