Mobile Friendly Tabs

Use the share url to let visitors view your tab on mobile devices. This link recognizes the browser a visitor is using (mobile, tablet or desktop ), and directs them to the corresponding view.

To add mobile access to a tab, use the shareable link provided in the top right area of the editor.

Since Facebook does not include third party apps on mobile, mobile links are the one way to access tabs on mobile...But never fear! Below are three ways you can make your tabs accessible on mobile devices.

  1. Posting and pinning a status to your page wall that includes the mobile link to your tab. Instructions can be found here.

  2. Have your Call to Action Button on your Facebook cover photo link to your mobile tab. Instructions can be found here. (Go ahead and use the mobile url for all the links these instructions mention.)

  3. Add your mobile enabled link in the description area of your cover photo.

Lastly, the name of mobile url can be customized with :)